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Date / Time Details Where
18th Jan 2014 09:30 (7 hours) Conference: The Person in Virtual Reality
MacKenzie Building, 172 High Street, Old Assembly Close
11th Mar 2014 17:00 (1 hour) Seminar: Annotating the Law for the Web - Why, What, and How
Conference Room, David Hume Tower
18th Mar 2014 16:00 (3 hours) Seminar: "History does not matter to them": What lessons can we learn from Stasi surveillance in the age of PRISM and TEMPORA?
Lecture Theatre 183, Old College
1st Apr 2014 17:00 (1 hour) Seminar: Employees and Social Media - Examining Rights to Free Speech in the Workplace
L05, Old College
2nd Apr 2014 18:30 (2 hours) Workshop: ORG Edinburgh Cryptoparty with SCRIPT
Room 331, Old College
6th May 2014 17:00 (1 hour) Seminar: Virtual Violence: The Moral Status of Virtual Agents
L05, Old College
27th May 2014 17:00 (1 hour) Seminar: Regulating the Singularity
Ken Mason Suite, Old College
5th Sep 2014 09:00 (8 hours) Workshop: Big Data and Forensic Statistics
Raeburn Room, Old College